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Episode 1 & 2
Judul :
Homecoming; Akatsuki, Action Begins

Info : Two and a half years have passed since Naruto went with Jiraiya to train. Now he has returned and although most things are the same other things have changed. From Konohamaru becoming a genin to Tsunade's head being added to the Great Stone Faces. Now, Naruto resumes his old life, only he's changed as well. The villages has been warned about the existence of Akatsuki and they have bolstered their security. However, will this security be enough when two members find their way to the Hidden Sand Village?
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Episode 3
Judul :
Results of training

Info :
Naruto and Sakura must show Kakashi how much they've improved by taking the bell test yet again. However, this time Kakashi is using the Sharingan!

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Episode 4
Judul :
The Sand's Jinchurriki
Info : Gaara has realized that Akatsuki has infiltrated the Hidden Sand Village. He comes face-to-face with Deidara, a member of Akatsuki who uses clay as a weapon. Can Gaara, even as Kazekage, defeat Deidara and protect his village at the same time?
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Episode 5
Judul :
As the Kazekage...!

Info :
Deidara and Gaara continue to fight and Deidara realizes that defeating Gaara is no simple task. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura have passed Kakashi's test. How will this result affect Naruto and Sakura's future as ninja?

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Episode 6 & 7
Judul : Assignment Clear! & Sprinting Kankurou
Info : Deidara launches an attack on the village and Gaara must do his duty as Kazekage and protect it. However, Gaara's left himself wide open for an attack! With Gaara captured and abducted, Kankuro goes after Deidara to get him back. But when Sasori blocks his path, Kankuro discovers some shocking information about Sasori, soon realizes how outmatched he is.
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Episode 8 & 9
Judul :
Excursion! Kakashi's Group! Jinchuuriki Tears

Info : With their leader abducted, the Hidden Sand Village requests assistance from Konoha. Tsunade sends Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi out to help. Worried about her little brother, Temari tags along as well. As the group travels to Hidden Sand Village, Naruto realizes that Sakura doesn't know why Akatsuki are after Gaara and himself. Has the time finally come to tell her the truth?

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Episode 10
Judul :
Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragon's Nine Seals

Info: Akatsuki uses a mysterious technique and begins to extract Shukaku from Gaara's body.
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Episode 11
Judul : The Healing Ninja's Pupil
Info : After examining Kankuro's serious condition, Sakura makes an antidote to Sasori's powerful poison. Also, who is this mysterious old woman that has confronted the group?
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Episode 12
Judul : The Retired Old Lady's Resolve
Info : Determined to see her grandson again, Chiyo joins Kakashi's group in pursuing Akatsuki.
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Episode 13
Judul : The Fated Meetings
Info : With Gai's team on the verge of meeting up with Kakashi's, Akatsuki decides to take action in preventing these teams from rescuing Gaara. Gai's group is soon confronted by Kisame, while Kakashi's group encounters another familiar face...Itachi Uchiha!
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Episode 14
Judul : Naruto's Growth
Info : While Gai, Lee, Tenten and Neji continue their battle against Kisame, Naruto and Kakashi work together to fight Itachi. But when Itachi puts Naruto in a genjutsu spell, can Naruto find a way to break free?
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Episode 15
Judul : The Hidden Orb's Name...!
Info : The fights against Itachi and Kisame finally come to an end, but are these the real Itachi and Kisame?
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Episode 16
Judul : The Secret Behind a Jinchuuriki
Info : As the group draws closer to Akatsuki's hideout, Chiyo reveals some startling information about the Jinchuuriki. Naruto becomes more determined than ever to rescue Gaara, but is it too late to save him?
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Episode 17
Judul : Gaara Death!
Info : The group has finally arrived at the Akatsuki hideout, but is it already too late to save him?
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Episode 18
Judul : Break In! Button Hook Entry
Info : The two teams proceed to take down the barrier by disarming the five seals hidden somewhere in the area. Things seem to go be going smoothly, that is, until a couple mysterious enemies appear. Gai's team stays behind to fight, giving Kakashi's team a chance to enter the hideout, where Naruto makes an unhappy discovery.
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Episode 19
Judul : The Trap is Sprung! Team Gai's Enemies
Info : As Gai's team stays behind to fight a group of mysterious enemies, Kakashi's team enters the Akatsuki hideout, where Naruto makes an unhappy discovery.
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Episode 20
Judul : Hiruko vs the Two Female Ninja
Info : Chiyo and Sakura team up to fight Sasori, but with only enough antidote to last for three minutes, can the two defeat this puppet master?
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Episode 21
Judul : Sasori's Face
Info : Sakura and Chiyo continue their fight against Sasori. After managing to destroy Sasori's body, the two discover that it was really just a giant puppet. The real Sasori has been controlling it from the inside all along, and he is much more powerful!
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Episode 22 & 23
Judul : Chiyo's Inner Hand; Father and Mother
Info : Chiyo and Sakura continue their fight against Sasori. Chiyo unleashes a secret weapon against Sasori, the first puppets he ever made: his father and mother!
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Episode 24
Judul : The Third Kazekage!
Info : Chiyo and Sakura must try and defeat Sasori's strongest puppet, the Third Kazekage.
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Episode 25
Judul : Three Minutes between Life and Death
Info : Sakura has managed to destroy Sasori's strongest puppet, but he still has a few tricks up sleeve. And although Sakura's managed to avoid a fatal blow from the poison, she and Chiyo must defeat him in three minutes before the antidote wears off and they are vulnerable to Sasori's attacks. Can they defeat him in time?
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Episode 26
Judul : 10 Puppets vs. 100 Puppets
Info : Chiyo uses her abilities as a master puppeteer to allow her to control ten puppets at once against Sasori. However, Sasori has gone a step ahead, and gained the ability to control one hundred puppets at once! Can Chiyo defeat the man who took down an entire country?
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Episode 27
Judul : The Dream that Couldn't Come True
Info : It's the final stand against Sasori, and Chiyo reveals the flaw in Sasori's "immortality". As Sasori breathes his last breaths, he rewards the two kunoichi for his defeat by providing them some valuable information. In ten days, they will have the opportunity to meet with one of his spies who can provide them with information on Orochimaru, and Sasuke as well.
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Episode 28
Judul : The Ressurected Beasts
Info : While Gai's team finishes up with their fights, Naruto and Kakashi deal with Deidara.
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Episode 29 & 30
Judul : Blast Him Into the Next Dimension!
Info : Kakashi unleashes his new Mangekyou Sharingan against Deidara, turning the tide of the battle in their favor, but when Naruto begins to act strangely, Kakashi sees him as the bigger threat. Kakashi must act quickly to calm Naruto down before he releases too much of Kyubi's power.
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