Information :
Categories : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, SciFi, Super Power
Language : English (Dubbed)
Subs : English
Format : RMVB
Host : MegaUpload

Summary : An anime that really has nothing to do with the original story of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It was made because fans wanted more.

The story starts 10 years into the future (from the epilogue of DBZ). The main characters are Son Goku, Trunks, and Pan. However, although Goku is Pan`s grandfather, he looks like an 11 years old kid.

Apparently Pilaf and company reappears and are up to their usual convenience. This time old Pilaf, still wanting to rule the world, desires to become younger. However, they accidentally turn Goku into a child instead, using the "Ultimate Dragon Balls."

Goku snags the runaway robot, Gil. Although Goku is now a child, he is as powerful as he was before, however the only exception being that he loses his shunkan idou (teleportation) skill. Trying to return Son Goku back to normal and saving earth from certain destruction is the mission of the GT adventurers, a journey that propels them to the depths of space and into new surprises. (The long lost "Ultimate Dragon Balls" disperse all across the universe when a wish is granted).

Trunks sees parts flying off of the spaceship they`re in! Goku and his friends encounter new enemies on other planets and Goku meets his match with a character named "Bebii," which was created by the Tsufurujin race to destroy the Saiyajin. Goku even reaches the Super Saiyajin Level 4 power. Later, the GT Adventurers have to deal with seven, evil dragons.

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