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Categories : Action, Androids, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Martial Arts, SciFi, Shounen, Super Power
Language : English (Dubbed)
Subs : English
Format : RMVB
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Summary : This followed Goku on his original quest. There are lots of silly gags and toilet humor, as well as some great character acting and pathos. As his quest continues, he picks up lots of friends and enemies. Upon the completion of a quest, it must begin again since the Dragonballs are scattered, leading to new & even more bizarre adventures. Most villains belong to the "Red Ribbon" organization of which the most deadly assassin is Tao Pai Pai.

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Season 1 : Emperor Pilaf
Bulma's search for six Dragon Balls leads her to a remote valley, and to a boy named Goku. The two strangers begin their new relationship with Goku's naivete getting on Bulma's nerves, but after Goku saves Bulma's life they join forces in search of the remaining Dragon Balls.

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Season 2 : First World Martial Arts Championship
Without realizing where they are, Bulma and Goku camp near the valley of the Bones, a foreboding land where one of the Dragon Balls lies hidden. Emperor Pilaf dispatches his henchmen to recover the ball, but they and Goku run into each other and a pack of ravenous wolves...the fun ensues.

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Season 3 : Red Ribbon Army
With the tournament behind him, Goku begins a search for his grandfather's Four-Star Dragon Ball. Emperor Pilaf, Shu, and Mai reappear on the scene, intent on finding all of the Dragon Balls. In addition to Pilaf, a new force has shown up in the search for the Dragon Balls, the dreadful Red Ribbon Army. Colonel Silver of the Red Ribbon Army possesses an unwavering determination to round up all the Dragon Balls and this drives him to do whatever is necessary to accomplish his mission.

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Season 4 : General Blue
Bulma has finally figured out a way to ride with Goku on the Nimbus Cloud, but certainly not because she has a pure heart. The Dragon Radar leads the duo to the ocean. Unable to retrieve the Dragon Ball from the ocean floor, Goku and Bulma head to Kame House to see if Master Roshi can help. Krillin decides to join the search for the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Commander Red, the leader of the Red Ribbon Army sends the handsome General Blue after Goku. Blue decides to split his men into two companies. He sends one company to Roshi's Island while he and another company head in a different direction. The search for the Dragon Balls leads Goku and his friends to an old pirate's cave that is full of booby traps and surprises.

Goku, Bulma, and Krillin return to the Kame House for some much needed rest. Blue, still in pursuit of Goku, shows up and rudely interrupts their relaxation. Goku follows Blue on his Nimbus Cloud and ends up crashing into another mountain. On the ground Goku meets some bizarre people from Penguin Village. The fragile Dragon Radar is broken again and his new friends think their village mechanic might be able to fix it. Even if Goku gets the Dragon radar fixed, is it too late for Goku to catch up to General Blue?

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Season 5 : Commander Red
The sinister Red Ribbon Army has tracked a Dragon Ball to a volcanic island and will stop at nothing to obtain the powerful artifact. As proof of their determination, a ruthless mercenary named Tao is hired to secure the Dragon Ball no matter the cost. As Tao lays waste to the island, Goku begins the colossal climb up Korin's Tower. Legend says that whoever drinks the Sacred Water found at the top will discover amazing new powers! This bizarre journey may be the only way Goku can stop Mercenary Tao and save the Dragon Ball from falling into evil hands. As if this isn't enough, Goku has declared war on the entire Red Ribbon Army! With only a small contingent of his closest comrades, Goku prepares to charge headlong into the lair of the enemy, facing off with Commander Red and his legions of followers. But the vile Commander Red has his targets locked on the young hero with only one goal in mind...destroy Goku once and for all!

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Season 6 : Fortuneteller Baba
Staff Officer Black is on the attack! And if this isn't enough to worry about, Goku has no idea where the last Dragon Ball is located. Master Roshi tells him that the mysterious Fortuneteller Baba is skilled in locating things lost. Baba agrees to help Goku and his companions on one condition: they must first defeat her best 5 fighters, each one stronger and more sinister than the one before! Goku faces his most mind-blowing opponent yet. How will he fare against someone who knows him so well? While Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin battle for the location of the 7th Dragon Ball, evil Emperor Pilaf saves them the trouble and steals it for himself! Goku must find a way to blast through a bionic bird stuffed with Pilaf and his crew and reunite all 7 Dragon Balls. The combined power of the Dragon Balls summons the Eternal Dragon to grant one wish. Just who will be the one to make the wish and for what will they ask?

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Season 7 : Tien Shinhan
Master Roshi and his pupils are heading towards the site of the World Martial Arts Tournament with an incredible amount of confidence. It seems that their extra training has put them in an excellent position to do well in the tournament. Out of 182 competitors, Yamcha, Krillin, and Goku make it to the final 8, the single elimination round to determine the champion. But danger waits as two of Master Shen's students also make the round of 8. Roshi and Shen have been enemies for years, and if Shen has his way Roshi's school will be defeated and humiliated once and for all. Amazing action and thrilling techniques make this the most exciting tournament of all time! But when secrets emerge, as secrets often do, Shen orders his troops to win at any cost. Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha find themselves not only fighting to stay in the tournament, but for their lives! And don't forget about tournament veteran Jackie Chun! What tricks does he have up his sleeve?

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Season 8 : King Piccolo
After nearly tasting victory at the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku finds himself thrust into the most dangerous adventure of his life. His best friend, Krillin, has been killed! Determined to bring Krillin?s killer to justice, Goku discovers that vilest villain Earth has ever known has been reborn! King Piccolo?s army of evil ravages the countryside in search of the dragon balls destroying any warrior brave enough to stand up to the threat. Goku is helpless as King Piccolo summons the Eternal Dragon and successfully regains his youth! With his newfound power, Piccolo goes on a systematic rampage destroying everything in his path! Goku speeds towards Korin?s Tower hoping for some last minute training. But what Korin reveals is something Goku could have never expected! Goku must look deep within himself if he is to overcome the mighty Piccolo and save the world from his evil grasp!

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Season 9 : Piccolo Jr.
The epic battle with King Piccolo has left Goku dangling on the edge of destruction! The hero learns that if he is to ever fully regain his strength he must accept the grueling training of Kami, Guardian of Earth! Goku faces test after grueling test including a dangerous quest for a mystical artifact and an unbelievable journey back in time to meet a younger version of an old friend! But in the moments leading to the World Martial Arts Tournament Goku begins to sense a terrible danger. His deepest fear become reality when the familiar evil face of his toughest adversary once again sees the light of day! It?s Piccolo Jr., and he?s come for revenge! Goku and Junior rocket towards a confrontation to once and for all settle the timeless grudge begun by the warmongering King Piccolo. As Piccolo Jr. methodically incapacitates Earth?s mightiest warrior, Kami devises a plan that just might end the wicked menace forever. But in order for it to succeed Earth?s Guardian may have to make the ultimate sacrifice! The battle is on with more than a championship on the line!

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