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Categories : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power
Language : English (Dubbed)
Subs : English
Format : RMVB
Host : RapidShare

Summary : Goku disappeared into a strange realm and emerged as a super-Saiyajin. Combat is now emphasized rather than the toilet humor and story of the last series. In recent storylines, the plot centers on 4 androids from the future who came to kill Gokuu and fights everyone who tries to protect him. Cell, one of the 4 androids, absorbs 2 of the others to become capable of destroying the universe. Gohan, Gokuu`s son, is the only one who can stop him since he has been shown to be more powerful -- and faster -- than his father.

Season 2 : Frieza Saga
The evil Frieza has been bullying whole planets full of people around for years, but there has been no one strong enough to put an end to his reign of terror........until now. The quest for the dragonballs on the planet Namek is shared between three groups/people, each wanting the dragonballs for a different thing, but only one group has good intentions. Gohan and Krillen must hold out on Namek until Goku arrives, but with Vegeta lurking near by, can they really manage it?

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