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Summary : Naruto Shippuuden is the continuation of the original animated TV series Naruto.The story revolves around an older and slightly more matured Uzumaki Naruto and his quest to save his friend Uchiha Sasuke from the grips of the snake-like Shinobi, Orochimaru. After 2 and a half years Naruto finally returns to his village of Konoha, and sets about putting his ambitions to work, though it will not be easy, as He has amassed a few (more dangerous) enemies, in the likes of the shinobi organization; Akatsuki.

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Episode 78 - 79
Judul : Given Judgment & Unfulfilled Scream
Info : Asuma is trapped in Hidan's secret and incomprehensible technique, and Shikamaru tries to find a way around it. With Hidan in desperate need of assistance, Kakuzu enters the fight alongside him. Now faced against both members of Akatsuki, can the group hold out until backup arrives?
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Episode 80
Judul : Last Words
Info : Asuma collapses, mortally wounded. Shortly thereafter Ino, Chouji, Aoba and Raido appear as the team's backup. They are unable to defeat the Akatsuki members, but the Akatsuki Leader orders the two back to seal the Two Tails. Hidan and Kakuzu retreat, warning the group that they will return. Ino tries to treat Asuma, but fails, as Hidan's attacks had damaged vital organs. Asuma leaves advice for his students, mentioning that he now knows who the "king" that the ninjas Konoha must protect it. As he smokes a final cigarette, he dies of his injuries.
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Episode 81
Judul : Devastating News!
Info : Naruto struggles to combine shape and elemental manipulation in his new technique. Elsewhere, the Akatsuki finish sealing the two-tailed beast, and the Akatsuki leader reveals that Akatsuki plans to use the tailed beasts to cause conflict, serving as mercenaries at a lower cost than the ninja of the hidden villages, replacing them and eventually taking over the world. News of Asuma's death reaches Konoha just as Naruto realizes the solution is to use two shadow clones instead of one.
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Episode 82
Judul : Team 10
Info : Team 10 is a group of Konohagakure ninja led by Asuma Sarutobi. The fathers of the three team members Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara, and Ino Yamanaka were also on a team together, and both generations refer to their team using the moniker "Ino-Shika-Cho".[72] During Part II, Asuma is slain in an encounter with members of Akatsuki, and Kakashi Hatake briefly assumes leadership of the team to hunt down those responsible for Asuma's death.
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Episode 83
Judul : Target : Lock On
Info : With careful planning, the group manages to find and trap Hidan and Kakuzu. However, things seem to be going a bit too smoothly.
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Episode 84
Judul : Kakuzu Abilities
Info :Chouji's cannonball deems innefective against kakuzu iron skin. Kakuzu gets struck by Kakashi's Chidori right in the heart, but kakuzu is still alive and he reveals his abilities to the group. Kakuzu and Hidan then start fighting Kakashi and deal a devastating wind based move on him.
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Episode 85
Judul : The Terrifiying Secret
Info : Shikamaru realizes Kakuzu has five hearts, which enables him to survive otherwise fatal wounds, and he must be killed five times before he dies. He states that in order to be able to defeat the Akatsuki members, he must first draw Hidan away, and uses Shadow Possession Jutsu to lead him to a forest. Kakuzu launches a combined fire and wind jutsu on Kakashi, then pins him down and prepares to take his heart. At the same time, Hidan apparently cuts Shikamaru on the cheek and prepares to use his ritual to kill him by stabbing himself
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Episode 86 & 87
Judul : Shikamaru's Genius & When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave
Info : Hidan seemingly connects with his stake, but instead of killing Shikamaru with Hidan's fatal blow, he destroys another one of Kakuzu's hearts. Shikamaru then cuts Hidan's jugular vein and pins him down with his shadow possession. It turns out that vial contained blood that Kakashi took from Kakuzu when he hit him with lightning blade. This temporarily incapacitates Kakuzu, though his other hearts continue to attack. After a failed attempt by Choji to finish off the remaining hearts, the hearts regroup into Kakuzu's body so he can move again. Just as Kakuzu is about to finish them off, Team 7 arrives just in time to stop the attack with a wind/water jutsu combo.
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Episode 88
Judul : Wind Style: Spiraling Shuriken
Info : Naruto attacks Kakuzu with Spiraling Shuriken, but his attack fizzles before he can land a hit. Meanwhile, Shikamaru uses an explosive tag to fill in the hole containing Hidan's broken body and still screaming head. He is joined by Sakura and Sai, and they head back to the others. Naruto again readies a Spiraling Shuriken, this time sending a shadow clone carrying it as a decoy. Kakuzu takes the bait, and Naruto lands a direct hit with a second Spiraling Shuriken, obliterating both of Kakuzu's replacement hearts and tearing his body apart.
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Episode 89
Judul :
Price Of Power
Info : Kakashi finishes off the wounded Kakuzu, and they return home. At Asuma's grave, Shikamaru tells Kurenai he will teach her unborn child. He plays Shogi with his father and reveals what Asuma told him: the king that Konoha must protect is the next generation. After studying Kakuzu's corpse, Tsunade tells Kakashi not to let Naruto use Rasen-Shuriken again because it will permanently destroy his ability to manipulate chakra. Meanwhile, Orochimaru learns of Hidan and Kakuzu's defeat and sends Kabuto to meet with a woman named Guren, who can use ninja techniques involving creating and manipulating crystal.
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Episode 90
Judul : A Shinobi Resolve
Info : An ANBU sends a message to Konoha moments before he dies, having discovered what may be Orochimaru's current hideout. Meanwhile, Orochimaru has Guren initiate a battle among a large number of experimental specimens with the survivors being used for a future operation. Naruto is warned not to use Rasen-Shuriken due to its extreme risk, and Sasuke meets a boy called Y?kimaru. Kakashi is ordered to go on a reconnaissance mission with Shino, Kiba and Hinata. Naruto is reunited with Jiraiya, who offers to train with him again.
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Episode 91
Judul : Orochimaru's Hideout Discovered
Info : Guren takes sixteen survivors from the experiments and leaves to meet with Orochimaru. Team 8 and Kakashi arrive at Orochimaru's hideout, only to discover it has been recently abandoned, and it collapses as a result of a timed device that erases all evidence of its existence. Guren uses her crystal jutsu to kill some of the experiments when they try to kill her, and only a few remain. Meanwhile, Naruto tries to find a ranged attack that he can use without harming himself or others, and Jiraiya plans on training him in synchronizing jutsu. Unfortunately, Naruto does not get along well with Gamariki, with whom he is supposed to synchronize.
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Episode 92
Judul : Encounter
Info : Kabuto and Y?kimaru travel to a lake, where Kabuto attempts to draw out a mysterious creature. Guren branches off from her men to find Orochimaru, who has Sasuke fight an army of Sound Ninja as training. Sasuke defeats them all, but declares that he wants to kill Itachi more than them. Naruto continues his training by summoning Gamakichi and Gamatatsu, but still doesn't understand the concept of connecting to another person's heart. Kabuto and Y?kimaru arrive at the Hot Springs Village where Naruto and Jiraiya are.
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Episode 93
Judul : Comunicating Heart
Info : Naruto continues his training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu until Jiraiya leaves to research the Akatsuki more. Naruto heads back to Konoha to continue training. Tsunade receives one of Shino's insects, which has been crystalized due to Guren's technique, and sends it to the forensics department. Rinji, the one in charge of Guren's men, learns about the presence of Kakashi's team through a bat that he sent out. Back in Konoha, Naruto learns that neither Gamakichi or Gamatatu can use Water Style ninjutsu.
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Episode 94
Judul : A Night of Rain
Info : Kabuto entrusts Kimaru to Guren. Naruto tries to teach Gamakichi and Gamatatsu how to use Water Style ninjutsu, as Kiba discovers that the enemy may be using bats. Tsunade decides to send out Yamato to assist Kakashi; she tells him to take Sai and Sakura, but not to tell Naruto. Y?kimaru falls ill and Guren and him are forced to spend the night in a cabin. In the morning, Guren finds Y?kimaru playing an instrument that his mother gave him. After giving him a crystalized camellia that would never die unless Guren died, Guren and Y?kimaru head back
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Episode 95
Judul : The Two Charms
Info : Guren and Y?kimaru arrive back at their base. Shino stays behind from Team Kurenai to try and summon more Crystal Style immune insects. Guren heads back out and Y?kimaru gives her a memento of his mother, as Gamatatsu finally learns how to use Water Style. Naruto runs into Sai and learns about his mission with Team Kakashi; Naruto talks Tsunade into letting him join in. Team Kurenai prepares to attack Guren's men as Naruto tries to master a new jutsu before heading out on his mission..
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Episode 96
Judul : The Unseeing Enemy
Info : Naruto is forced to stop his training by Sakura, who takes him back to the village. Meanwhile in the woods, Team Kurenai fight Guren's men. Hinata and Kiba get stuck in a smoke screen prepared by Kigiri and Hinata is seriously injured by Nurari's attacks. Kakashi is stuck fighting Gozu, and isn't able to finish him off because Gozu has the upper hand in speed and force. When Rinji and his team are about to kill Hinata, Kiba, and Akamaru, they are forced to retreat by Shino and his insects.
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Episode 97
Judul : The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection
Info : In Konoha, Tsunade discovers they have an enemy using Crystal Style. While on his mission with Team Kakashi, Naruto meets Y?kimaru once again and talks to him. Guren puts a gigantic Crystal Prison over the forest trapping Team Kurenai inside. Guren then prepares six Crystal Clones and attacks Team Kurenai with them. Hinata defeats one clone but is locked up in a Crystal Prison by another. Team Kakashi reaches the borders of the giant prison and Naruto uses his new Jutsu with Gamatatsu to bust a way in.
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Episode 98
Judul : The Target Appears
Info : Team Kakashi arrives to help Team Kurenai and manage to retrieve Hinata. Guren decides to retreat and rendezvous with her men at their base. After Hinata is broken free, Kakashi tells Sakura and Sai to stay with her until she's better, as the others chase after their enemies. At Guren's base, Kabuto arrives and takes everyone to the lake from before. He straps Y?kimaru to his machine and Guren creates five Crystal Pillars around them. As the machine amplifies Y?kimaru's chakra, the Three-Tailed Beast begins to surface.
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Episode 99
Judul :
The Rampaging Tailed Beast
Info :
Y?kimaru summons the Three-Tailed and immobilizes it while Guren tries to capture it. It manages to break free and attack. Kakashi tells Naruto to investigate the lake, while they find Rinji and the others. Rinji and his men prepare an ambush, but Hinata, Sakura, and Sai arrive to avert it. Naruto summons Gamakichi and Gamatatsu and approach the Three-Tails, where they see Y?kimaru and learn of his allegiance to Guren. Trying to save Guren, Y?kimaru tries to suppress the Three-Tails once more, before managing to escape with her.
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Episode 100
Judul : Inside The Mist
Info : Guren is rendered unconscious and relives her past as Naruto is caught in an illusion about Sasuke. After Kakashi finds him, Teams Kakashi and Kurenai conclude the mist around them causes Genjutsu courtesy of the Three-Tails. After Guren wakes up, Y?kimaru suffers another fever and passes out. Tsunade hears of the Three-Tails and assembles Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee to go and seal it before the Akatsuki do. Naruto and Sakura talk about the home that people should return to before Naruto heads off to find Y?kimaru.
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Episode 101
Judul : Everyone's Feelings
Info : Naruto runs into Guren while trying to find Y?kimaru, and battles her. Yamato and Kakashi find Naruto and bring him back to the group. Kabuto tells Guren that Y?kimaru is only a tool to control the Three-Tails, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee meet up with the ninjas to tell them of their new mission to seal the Three-Tails before Orochimaru's group can capture it. They are also to rescue Y?kimaru and bring him back to the village.
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Episode 102
Judul : Regroup
Info : Naruto and his teammates meet Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee. The ninjas are spilt into three teams by Kakashi. The Sealing team is made up of Shizune, Sakura, Ino and Hinata. Kakashi, Naruto, Sai and Shino form the Fighting team and the Guarding team comprises of Yamato, Lee, Tenten and Kiba. Tenten passes Naruto a scroll for the mission that the Fifth Hokage gave to her. In a new development, Rinji turns out to be Kabuto's spy on Guren.
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Episode 103
Judul : The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier
Info : The teams set off. Naruto introduces Sai and Shino to each other. The sealing team prepares a search and barrier jutsu to seal the Three-Tailed Beast. Kakashi's fighting team is suddenly attacked by Gozu and Guren while the guarding team begins fighting as well. Lee, Tenten and Kiba finish off Rinji's subordinates with ease. Meanwhile, Naruto angers Guren saying it's his fault Y?kimaru went over to 'her side' and that he won't allow her using him as a tool.
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Episode 104
Judul :
Breaking the Crystal Style
Info : The Fighting team continues its battle. Tobi decides to go seek the Three-Tails on his own as he had angered Deidara earlier. He discovers the sealing team trying to seal the Three-Tails at the lake. Shino's bugs defeat Guren, but Kakashi is stopped from killing her by Gozu, who dies protecting Guren. The guarding team stops Rinji from interfering with the sealing team just as Guren remembers she is the one who killed Y?kimaru's mother. Kabuto uses this fact to manipulate Guren.
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