Information : Categories : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power
Language : English (Dubbed)
Subs : English
Format : RMVB
Host : Rapid Share

Summary : Goku disappeared into a strange realm and emerged as a super-Saiyajin. Combat is now emphasized rather than the toilet humor and story of the last series. In recent storylines, the plot centers on 4 androids from the future who came to kill Gokuu and fights everyone who tries to protect him. Cell, one of the 4 androids, absorbs 2 of the others to become capable of destroying the universe. Gohan, Gokuu`s son, is the only one who can stop him since he has been shown to be more powerful -- and faster -- than his father.

Season 1 : Saiyan Saga
After giving his life to kill his evil brother, Goku must train with King Kai, in order to be strong enough to beat the saiyans, who will be arriving on Earth in one years time. Can he become powerful enough to defeat them though?

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